Hey, what’s this?

by Katie on December 28, 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas with my family. All but the last ten minutes anyway.
My sister, almost brother-in-law, Brandon and I were saying the last goodbye to my aunt before heading home. The goodbye went a little long, and Brandon became bored.
A friend of my cousin had arrived a few minutes earlier and left her keys on the kitchen counter near us. The keys included what Brandon described as “a flashlight/lighter looking thing”.
And of course, he just had to play with it and figure it out.
He picked it up and said, “Hey, what’s this?”
…Right before he found a button that released a giant puff right in the middle of the five of us.
I’m sure you can already imagine what the key ring held.
Two seconds later, I said, “My nose is a little tingly.”
Three seconds later, we were all doubled over. On fire.
From pepper spray.
I had my face in the kitchen sink. Everyone else escaped outside.
We spent the next ten minutes coughing, choking, gargling water, and basically feeling like we stuffed habanero peppers in our noses and down our throats.
Somehow, it seemed like I caught the worst of it, even though it practically blew directly into my aunt’s face and merely side-swiped me.
When I had finally recovered enough to laugh about the situation (when we had all made it into the car and five miles down the road), I said (between coughs), “All I know, is I want some of that stuff.”

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