A “cluttered” tree

by Katie on December 15, 2009

I’m a big fan of Christmas trees. Live Christmas trees.
I remember my sister and I being very upset at Christmas from the time Mason was mobile until he was, oh, I don’t know…seven? And he finally quit eating the tree. Because for all those years, we had one of those artificial trees that was too skinny and didn’t make the house smell like Christmas.
So last year, on my first Christmas in my first house with my first husband one-and-only-love-of-my-life, I ran out and bought a live Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. And we decorated it together:
This year, we’ve been a little more busy, and I’ve been talking about getting a tree since Thanksgiving, but it just hasn’t happened yet. We did head out after one last week, but the tree lot was already sold out.
I had pretty well resigned I wouldn’t have a tree this year. After all, I’m leaving for Texas in just a few days. Was it really worth it? Probably not. And I was coping okay with this new reality.
But Sunday night, that love of my life I mentioned surprised me with a tree. Maybe he just knew how his Christmas would turn out if I wasn’t really in the Christmas spirit?
He was awfully discreet with his surprise, though. It was probably in our house for a couple hours before I found it.
I was in the kitchen busily making sunflower seeds when he arrived, and he ended up going outside to pen the dogs and feed the cows for me so I could keep working on that. I did notice it took him nearly three trips in and out of the house to accomplish that task, but just figured he had other things to do out there.
Finally, when I left the kitchen to retrieve more sunflowers to deseed (which is probably not a word), I found the tree.
Me: “Um, when exactly were you planning on telling me you bought me a tree?”
Brandon: “I don’t know…”
Me: “You know what this means, right?”
Brandon, mumbling: “That I have to help decorate it.”
I went ahead and got the tree skirt set up and put the lights on myself so all he had to do was help with the ornaments.
I gave him the big box of ornaments, and set out the come-in-a-box nice ornaments for myself, thinking he wouldn’t have the patience to open all those individual boxes.
B: “You mean I have to do this whole box?”
K: “Well, until I finish with these. I didn’t think you would want to take all these out of the boxes.”
B: “No, I don’t.”
By this time, he probably already had ten ornaments on the tree.
K: “At the rate you’re going, you’ll have them all up in less than five minutes anyway.”
B: “Well, that’s my plan.”
He continued racing.
A while later…
B: “Why do we have so many ornaments?”
[We do not have that many ornaments.]
B: “This is ridiculous. We don’t need this many ornaments. Our tree is just cluttered.”
So I take a look on his side of the tree…
K: “That’s because you have them all within a one foot radius. Maybe if we spread them out a bit, it wouldn’t be so bad?”
Here’s Brandon’s side of the tree; we’ll call it Side B:

Now, a look at Side A:

And Side C:
Please note, neither of these are the back of the tree. It is completely bare.
So basically, the only part of our tree holding ornaments is the top-front, where Brandon could stand in one place and add ornaments directly in front of him — without either bending or reaching.
And he did finish the entire storage box before I had the dozen or so Hallmark Keepsake ones in place.
But, I do have a Christmas tree. A live Christmas tree.

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