The other day

by Katie on October 5, 2009

This past Thursday afternoon was the first time I had seen my husband in roughly eight days, since he was off killing an elk. (More on that later.)
So we spent the weekend catching up on each other’s lives. I learned about his elk adventure, and he learned about my days irrigating and working on the computer. And, I felt the need to catch him up on the happenings of the world while he was in the mountains.
Since we don’t have TV, all of my news, interesting facts and conversation pieces come from things I read online. So several times, I would begin a new conversation with something like this…
“I read the other day that…”
“Hey, the other day I read…”
“So I read the other day…”
Finally, after two days of this, Brandon mocked me, “‘I read the other day,’ geez, did you do anything while I was gone besides ‘read the other day?'”
And the next time I went to open my mouth, “Let me guess. You read the other day?”

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