The most disgusting thing

by Katie on October 28, 2009

Our third calf of the season was born yesterday afternoon, in the middle of a giant wind/dust storm which sent temperatures plummeting overnight (finally).
After the wind subsided just a bit and the calf had its first nurse, Brandon and I ventured into the pasture to weigh it.
This is usually always a fiasco due to my lack of coordination and slow reactions, but went surprisingly smooth yesterday.
Brandon tends to get a little frustrated with me reading the weight because it takes me so long to call out a number — while he’s holding the calf in front of him mid-air. But the scale ends up inches above my head (because of his height advantage), and looks like it’s jumping between a ten pound difference (maybe because his arms are shaking so much).
I finally called out “Ummm, 52…no 54…maybe 56? 54, that’s in the middle. We’ll go with 54.”
And Brandon set the calf down.
I heard a very loud “Ewwww!”
Before I could even see what happened, he said plainly, “This is the most disgusting thing that’s ever happened to me.”
That stuff on his hand? Newborn calf poo.
“It gets on my pants a lot, but never this much and never a handful of it,” he said. It was on his pants, too.
The water hose alone did nothing for this mess. It was a bunch of slimy, almost rubbery, sticky goo. He had to rub his hands around in the rocks to remove any of it.
And that’s the most disgusting thing that has ever happened to Brandon Leister. Which is saying a lot, believe me.

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