No room at the inn…for animals

by Katie on October 8, 2009

After Brandon finished day one of the cattle show, we went in search of our hotel arrangements so we could high-tail it off the fairgrounds as soon as he finished the market lambs.

The white-haired lady we spoke with informed us we had a reservation for the next two nights at the Prescottonian Best Western. A bed, paid for by you? Fine with us. But she proceeded to apologize, saying she would have had something nicer, but this was the only hotel around that allowed animals.
Then she turned to me and said, “Not that I’m saying you’re an animal.” Which is, of course, exactly what we were thinking, right?
This hotel was a good 25 miles from the fairgrounds, and we passed 20 others on the way there. At one point, it seemed like we were on Hotel Drive or something. Brandon said, “Well, Hampton, Marriott, Holiday Inn…too bad they don’t let animals in.”
And we’re still not sure why they insisted upon finding us a hotel which allowed animals. Brandon doesn’t recall telling them he was bringing along a goat to accompany him or anything. He didn’t even tell them I was coming, so no reason for the confusion there either.

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