I’ll take a steak with that salad

by Katie on October 7, 2009

Since we didn’t decide to eat at any of the furniture stores we passed, we continued on our quest for supper.
Finally, Brandon said, “Hey, there’s a Texas Roadhouse. Their salad sounds good. Actually, their salad sounds really good. They have the best ranch.”
Because when Brandon says someone has a good salad, he’s really talking about the quality of their ranch dressing.
A good three minutes later, as were turning into the parking lot, he said, “And I’m going to get their ribeye with my salad.”
I let this go as long as I could. Then I started laughing. He asked what was so funny.
“I just can’t believe you said, ‘Hey, let’s go to a steakhouse. I really want their salad.'”
Brandon: “I said ribeye too.”
Me: “Um, yeah, you did. To go with your salad.”

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