A Midwest jingle

by Katie on October 29, 2009

So, I am off to Indiana today with Brandon’s mom to visit his sister, Amanda.
While I was packing yesterday morning, Brandon made up a little song about my trip. And continued to add verses to it for a solid 20 minutes. And followed me around the house singing it to me.
It went a little something like this:
You’re going to see my sis-ter…In-the-Midwest,
And I’m going to miss you…While-you’re-in-the-Midwest,
You’re going to see some lea-eaves…In-the-Midwest,
You’re gonna fly on an air-plane…To-the-Midwest,
You’re gonna miss me too-oo…While-you’re-in-the-Midwest,
Don’t wanna sleep alo-one…While-you’re-in-the-Midwest,
You’re gonna be co-old..In-the-Midwest,
I’m gonna want you he-ere…While-you’re-in-the-Midwest,
Have to irrigate alo-one…While-you’re-in-the-Midwest,
You’re gonna want me too-oo…While-you’re-in-the-Midwest,
There was a lot more.
It was quite entertaining. And creative. And after a while, mildly annoying. I mean, how many verses can a song about visiting the Midwest possibly have?

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