A double dog dare

by Katie on October 27, 2009

We had a really hard time finding deer this past weekend on the hunt. The evening after Brandon’s dad got his spike, I found another one a mere 182 yards from where we were glassing, but passed on him.
We had to get back to tend to hay business, so the next day was our last one out. We didn’t see a single deer until noon or so. Another spike, but we weren’t even sure if this little guy had even broken the skin yet, so I passed again.
After only seeing one deer in ten hours, and scanning the mountain side that entire time, Brandon began calling them in. Chatting with them. He had his tripod and binoculars set up about ten feet behind mine, and I heard him have the following conversation:
“Come on, Mr. Deer. Come out, come out, wherever you are. Come on, big buck, stand up. I dare you to come out. I double dog dare you.”
Maybe we were getting a little crazy at this point?

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