Why the cat was the worst idea ever

by Katie on September 1, 2009

The cat alone might not have been so bad, but the cat mixed in with Dixie and Wilbur — both bred to hunt — not so good.
Let me preface this portion of the story with the fact neither of us are fans of having animals in the house. They just belong outside, people on the inside. We do understand this is perfectly acceptable for most people. We both have parents with indoor pets.
So, I had the cat outside where the dryer is (yes, still no washing machine), barricaded with a big piece of barn wood across the door opening and a cooler propped up against it, just for extra support. There’s no door back there, so this was a makeshift one to keep the dogs out until we thought the cat could fend for herself.
As soon as Wilbur realized there was something back there, he ran around the outside howling and jumping up to peak in the windows. But This system appeared to work, other than being mildly annoying to me and probably the neighbors.
Later that afternoon, I hear all kinds of racket coming from outside.
All the racket? The dogs had broken through my barricade and had the cat cornered behind the dryer. I couldn’t watch them kill her, so there was only one option. I rescued her and brought her inside. Yep, I violated my own house rules.
So every morning when I let the dogs out, I brought the cat inside and couldn’t take her out until I put them up in the evening. But Wilbur had already seen her back there, and could smell her, so he still howled all day long.
After a couple days of this, we were both tired of the cat being in our house, even though she spent most of the time locked in the bathroom. We were both leaving, so I suggested Brandon set her up in the rafters outside the office door. I had found her there that morning, so I knew she could even get up and down from there by herself. I thought it was a good plan.
As we were driving off, Brandon said, “That cat’s gonna fry,” followed by sort of an evil laugh. He thought it would get too hot for her up there during the day, something he failed to mention when I first suggested it.
She was still there when we got back. When you opened the office door, the cat was in a rafter on the left hissing at the dog, and the dog had climbed the stairs on the right, and was just staring at her from the next rafter. It was a little comical.
But, the cat survived that day, so it was our plan for the next day.
I left out the key component of this story. Pretty much the main thing that makes the cat the worst idea ever. Two days after the initial cat and dog chase, I smelled something funny.
I told Brandon, “It smells like something died out there.”
He checked it out. He called me back and just told me to open the freezer. I was skeptical. I stood as far away as I could and touched it with my fingertips.
He said, “Nothing is going to jump out at you.”
Apparently, that was my fear, because I felt better after that.
I shouldn’t have. When I opened the freezer, I had an immediate gag reflex and felt sick. It was a pool of blood, with packages of fish and dead animals floating around, probably already full of maggots. Quite disgusting. Brandon even felt sick.
Apparently in the midst of the dogs trying to get the cat, they unplugged the freezer.
Luckily, I had just cleaned the last of the good meat out of that freezer a week earlier. It was all transferred to the two indoor freezers. (Yes, two. For a total of three freezers. We kill things. We have to put them somewhere.)
All it contained was a little of the yellowtail fish Brandon caught in Mexico a couple years ago, which didn’t taste that good anyway, and several dead animals, like the head of the deer I killed last October, and a javelina skull with a broadhead stuck in it from Brandon’s archery hunting two winters ago. Had it contained the ground beef from the cows we butchered last year or our Alaskan fish, we would be upset.
But still, it’s a mess. For now, we have just refrozen it until Brandon has some time to haul it off and dump the mess out. It’s definitely something I never want to witness again.

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