The dog days of…Fall

by Katie on September 16, 2009

So it’s mid-September. There are plenty of places in this country that have already cooled down and welcomed Fall. In fact, some of my Texas clan has even reported a few days of nice weather with Fall in sight.
Our temperatures?
Today: 102
Sunday: 105
September 25: 102
Granted, the mornings and evenings have cooled down, so if you’re out before 7:30am, you can enjoy 70 degree weather.
But Brandon sure does think Fall has arrived.
He came in the house well after 9pm a couple days ago and said, “It’s already getting cool at night. Fall is here, Baby!”
Me: “How do you figure? It gets hot by 8am.”
Him: “Yeah, but it’s only like 100.”
Me: “Only 100? And that’s Fall to you?”
Him: “Yep, sure is.”
Wow…I really hope a couple more years of living in the desert doesn’t make me think 100 degree days are “Fall.”

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