I’m rubbing off on Brandon

by Katie on September 21, 2009

It’s pretty common for me to continue wearing clothing, shoes, etc., well beyond their useful life. I have a pair of Lady Panther gym shorts from my freshman year of high school you can pretty much see through on the back side. Every time I wear them, I tell myself I’m going to throw them away, but somehow I can never get them in the trash can.
Brandon, on the other hand, gets one four-inch gash in a work shirt, and rips it off in pieces that evening. He has been pretty good at wearing work pants full of holes lately, but mainly because he didn’t have any other options. As soon as we bought him a few decent pair, he chunked about five old ones with holes in the garbage.
On our way to the Aaron Watson concert last Thursday, we were chatting in the truck — fairly close quarters — so I had a good view of the side of face, since he was watching the road.

Me: “Have you been wearing those sunglasses broken?”
Him: “Yeah. For three weeks. Ever since I told you I needed new ones.”
Me: Laughing…
Him: “How could you tell? Is it bad?”
Me: “Um, because the cord curves up over your ear. But I think you would have to look really close to notice.” (wink)

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