Happily married. That’s us.

by Katie on September 22, 2009

My favorite music artist made it back out to Arizona this past weekend, and Brandon pretty much knew not attending was not an option.

Brandon had to judge at the Santa Cruz County Fair Friday and Saturday, so we had to travel down for the Tucson concert on Thursday, instead of catching the show right across town on Friday.
The last time I was headed to an Aaron Watson concert, I was just a little bit excited. But, it was in Texas, a live CD recording, and with my best friends I hadn’t seen in six months:

Still, Brandon was giving me a hard time for being so excited. Teasing me, he said, “You know, I should be jealous of Aaron Watson. You would probably run off with him if I gave you half a chance.”

I quickly responded, “No, I wouldn’t. He’s happily married with two, almost three, kids.”

Brandon: “I’ve got a question. Why are you saying the reason that’s impossible is he’s happily married? Why isn’t it because you’re happily married?”

Me: “Oh yeah, that too.”


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