The beauty of Craigslist

by Katie on August 24, 2009

Yesterday was a pretty big day for us.

The Goat* found a new home.

We decided many months ago it was time for The Goat to go. She was fun when we first got her. She ran through the yard and played with the dogs, chased cars driving past our house, and helped eat the grass and weeds in the yard.

Then one day, she started eating the trees. The baby fruit trees we were lugging a five gallon bucket all over the yard to water at the time.

Then The Goat ate one of the bird of paradise plants on the porch. Down to a one inch stem. Someone told us later goats were allergic to those plants. Our goat must have been mighty resilient, because she did this five times.

Then she escaped to the neighbors’ yard (we don’t have a gate, it was our fault), and we got a phone call saying she was reared up on their front glass door, and they thought she might break it.

Even under close supervision, she kept getting to the trees and plants we wanted to grow, and would hardly touch the weeds we didn’t.

So, The Goat has been living confined in her pen, all alone, for quite a while now. It was sad, really. Every morning I would let the dogs out, and she would run along the side of her pen hollering at them until I put them up that evening. She was only quiet when eating and when the dogs were in the pen next to her. As a result, she always had a potbelly because I fed her all day long to kept her quiet.

We hadn’t really done anything to actively seek a home for The Goat. Then last week, Brandon suggested I put her on Craigslist.

So last Wednesday morning, I added a listing for The Goat, with one free bale of hay. I think I titled it “Free Hay with Goat,” thinking the hay was probably more appealing than the goat. I called Brandon to let him know The Goat had been posted.

He said, “So, you put The Goat on Craigslist the day we’re leaving town and won’t be around for people to come check her out?”

Me: “Yeah, pretty much…I’ll take it off.”

I reposted The Goat Sunday morning, 12 hours after we returned from Utah.

Just two hours later, someone called wanting to come take a look. An hour after that, he showed up and agreed to buy her. And half an hour later, he came back to pick her up, strapped her down in the back of his truck, loaded up a bale of alfalfa, and handed me my money.

And that, my friends, is why we’re such big fans of Craigslist.

*The Goat really is the goat’s name. When I asked Brandon last year if I could get her, his only condition was she had to have a name when she came home. We tried out several different names the first two weeks she was here. He eventually agreed nothing fit, and we just stuck with The Goat. Even had it printed on her dog tag. I didn’t tell the people who bought her we called her The Goat.


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