Racking up street credit

by Katie on August 26, 2009

Yesterday, Brandon stopped by mid-morning for what he called his “first lunch”. We had several different leftovers to choose from. He decided on cutting up some elk steaks for a burrito.

Burritos are Brandon’s staple food. In fact, when we were trying to decide what he would have for his “second lunch” later that day, he said, “I’m not sure. There’s only one tortilla left and it’s torn up. It would have a blowout. And tortillas are the basis for just about everything I eat.”

But back to first lunch.

He grabs a plate and cuts up one of the elk steaks. But now, he has meat cut up all over the plate, and it needs to go in a tortilla to be heated up. He stands back for a minute and says aloud, “Hmm, what to do?”

Apparently some sort of light bulb came on. He places the tortilla on top of the meat, with one hand on top of it, and grabs the plate with the other hand. He flips the plate over quickly, and all but three pieces of his steak end up in the tortilla in his hand.

“Did you see that!? It was pretty bad ass. I’m pretty proud of myself, to be honest with you. I should get some major street credit for that.”

So that’s how street credit is acquired. Tortilla flipping. Forget the pizza toss.


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