Marital success

by Katie on August 7, 2009

In reference to the previous post, my most recent attempt at packing Brandon’s bag was actually successful. We were both equally surprised.

I only had to add to the things I had laid out; there wasn’t much editing or removing. I forgot undershirts and one belt, so we added those. Brandon wanted to take along a vest I didn’t have out either. We both like wearing vests, but they’re only in season for so long in Arizona, so we both packed them for our trip to Northern country.

And there was only one edit. One of the t-shirts I chose was “too itchy,” which should not have come as a surprise. Seriously. A 100% cotton t-shirt. I would venture to say my husband has the most sensitive skin of anyone I’ve ever met.

He refuses to wear anything less than 100% cotton. No big deal, so does my dad. But even half his 100% cotton, fabric of our lives, clothing turns out to be too itchy for him.

In honor of Jamie Rovey (whose wedding we were traveling to attend), I also selected Brandon’s “I Put Out”* t-shirt for the trip.

Aggieland is quite notorious for shirts like this. The main reason this shirt was chosen to wear for Jamie? Brandon gave Jamie an Aggie t-shirt that reads, “I hump it on the first date,” a few years back.

Now, those who are familiar with A&M tradition don’t bat an eye at that statement. Those who aren’t? Well, they may send some skeptical glances. Therefore, just about everyone Jamie came across in Arizona while sporting this shirt had a whole different idea about his clothing choice.

Well, the moral of this rambling story is this: I can finally, after more than one year of marriage, nearly pack a bag for my husband without him removing every piece I selected.

*My sister gave us each one of these shirts. They are in reference to the smoking ban the city of College Station recently placed on all public locations. As a member of the Texas A&M Cancer Society, she helped sell the t-shirts on campus to support the effort. But you don’t get that message until you read the back.


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