Ants go marching…

by Katie on August 20, 2009

Through our living room.

That’s right. The latest Leister household disturbance was a pile of ants. And yes, I do mean a pile.

I had offered to actually make breakfast Wednesday morning. Once a norm in our house, sitting down together for breakfast is nearly unheard of these days. It was the first morning in a long while one or both of us didn’t have to run out the door to change water or tend to something else on the farm. So on Tuesday night, we decided we would have blueberry waffles for breakfast.

Brandon wasn’t feeling so great that morning, so he landed on the couch for a bit while I finished working the waffle iron. I went to warn him the last waffle was nearly finished, and as I entered the living room, I saw what I thought was a pile of dirt at the entryway.

Just as I opened my mouth to yell at politely mention to Brandon he left dirt from his boots there, I noticed the pile was moving.

I leaned in closer. Not dirt at all. Just hundreds, maybe millions, or red ants lining our baseboard.

“Oh my goodness!” (Yes, I really do say that. A lot, actually.) “Brandon, we have ants in here!”

“What? What are talking about?”

“Come here. Look at this. They’re everywhere.”

“Whoa. How did I not notice that when I came in here?”

“Um, not going to say that thought hadn’t crossed my mind too.”

“Do we have any ant killer?”

“I don’t know. Isn’t that your department? I mean, if we did, it would be in the Man Closet, right?”

Brandon, after rummaging through the natural disaster known as the Man Closet — in my kitchen: “All we have is wasp and hornet spray, but I’ll give it a try.”

The ants did die. But when I went to vacuum them up later, I started at the baseboard where the huge mound was, and worked backward. And found ants scurrying all across the living room carpet.

I vacuumed up what I could find, and we left for Utah a couple hours later. Here’s hoping we don’t come home to an all-out invasion.


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