A momentary dose of reality

by Katie on August 5, 2009

I escaped to Texas for a few days to return Mason to his rightful owners and conduct a little business. But let’s face it, I was on vacation for the most part, considering what I was escaping here.

Brandon put me back in check as soon as I arrived. I went straight from the airport to a tractor. In a skirt.

Since then, we’ve been collectively working around the clock in preparation for tomorrow’s departure to Wyoming.

This evening, Brandon said, “I’m so glad to have you back home.”

Me: “Yeah, I bet you are. Now you just have to stay up half the night, instead of the whole thing.”

He said he had other reasons too. I’m not so sure. Other than we do both have clothes laid out for the trip already.

Had Brandon been here in charge of things himself, he would have twice as many clothes on the bed, but they wouldn’t be there until about 15 minutes prior to walking out the door. That’s just how he does things. I’m more of a pack-three-days-in-advance kind of girl.

When he called to ask me to gather his clothes for the trip, I just groaned. I loathe this job. Not because of the job itself. Because it usually ends up being a big waste of my time. And Brandon knew exactly what I was thinking.

In his persuasion, he said, “I know you don’t like to do it, and I know I’m going to come home and make some changes to what you have, and I know it’s going to annoy you, but I could really use your help. It’s just a lot easier to edit than create.”

So as he throws his things in a bag tomorrow, we’ll go through the process of switching out one plaid button-up shirt for another plaid button-up shirt, replacing two striped polos in blue and orange for striped polos in yellow and red, and exchanging the Cinch jeans for another pair of Cinch jeans in a slightly different wash. Really, for someone who has such a limited wardrobe (striped, plaid, work pants, good pants), packing is quite an ordeal.

Last time, I’m not sure anything I had out actually made it in the bag. Maybe the socks. Let’s hope I did better this time.

We still have a full plate before we head out tomorrow. Brandon is taking the first irrigating shift, and I’ll take over from 2 to 6 am, then we’ll start tackling the rest of the list.

We’re planning to hit the road at 2pm, but we’re not really known for our punctuality with those things, so we’ll see. Regardless, it’s another few days of vacation for me!


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