The not-so-little slugger

by Katie on July 27, 2009

Brandon and Mason have been playing the old “Slug Bug” game every time we have been on the road in the past few weeks.

Because boys think it’s fun to hit.

One day last week, Mason was riding with just me instead. All of a sudden, he rears back and slugs me in the arm.

“Slug bug!”

“Hey,” I protest, “You’re not supposed to hit girls!”

“But you’re not a girl, Katie, you’re a laaady.”

For a second, I felt quite distinguished he would give me such a title. Then I thought about it some more.

“Then you’re especially not supposed to hit ladies, Mason.”

“Well, you’re not a lady then. You’re just my sister.”

Later that evening when we were all home, Brandon and Mason were wrestling around. Which is no big deal these days. In fact, it’s been pretty much an every-three-hour occurrence since Mason got here.

I was two rooms away, and just overheard Mason’s laughter, broken every few seconds by Brandon saying, “Wow, you’re strong … You’re really strong … Whoa boy, you’re strong … Okay, that’s enough …”

Not surprising, since we found out last night that going into the eighth grade, Mason already weighs as much as Brandon did at high school graduation.


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