Root beer meets strawberry

by Katie on July 28, 2009

Our supper conversation last night consisted of ICEEs, belly aches and gang bangers.

Apparently, the boys were shopping for tractor parts that morning, and Mason got a little thirsty. In order to bribe Brandon to stop for a drink, Mason offered to buy one for both of them.

Trying to follow the story with both of them talking at once was a little difficult. And let me tell you, they were excited about what that convenience store had to offer.

Brandon: “We walked in, and they had root beer ICEEs!”

Mason: “Not just root beer!”

Brandon: “Yeah, they had like ten flavors…well, maybe just six or seven.”

Mason: “Oh yeah, for sure six.”

Brandon: “And, we got such a bargain! Mason’s total bill was $1.43.”

Mason: “Yeah, we got 32 ounce ICEEs for just .69 cents!”

Me: “So, both of you drank a 32 ounce ICEE?”

Brandon: “Yep, at 7:30 am.”

Then, I guess Mason got a bit of a belly ache pretty soon after he finished his. My thoughts? Well, 32 ounces of sugar before 8 am? Yeah, he’s going to get sick.

Brandon, very proud: “But I felt just fine. It’s because I just got root beer.”

Mason: “I got every flavor they had.”

Brandon: “Yeah, I told him he got sick becuase he tried to mix too much. I told him it was like inviting a bunch of different gang bangers to a party in his belly. If you just invite one gang, you’re good, but if you invite more than one, it gets ugly. I mean, the root beer meets the strawberry and then the strawberry meets the blueberry, and it’s just like one big gang fight in your belly.”

Wow, never quite thought of ICEE flavors like that…thanks for the insight, Brandon.


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