The toothpaste wars have ended

by Katie on June 10, 2009

Earlier this year, I talked about how Brandon and I were having to share a tube of toothpaste. And how it wasn’t working out that well.

Luckily for our marriage, Brandon’s tube of peppermint-oil infused Crest (yes, it belonged to Brandon) finally had it’s last squeeze. Right before that happened, I found a good deal on a twin pack of my kind of toothpaste – Colgate Total.

I decided it was time we gave up on sharing toothpaste in attempt to reduce the number of items floating around our bathroom. So just this past week, I opened my very own tube of toothpaste.

No more peppermint oil.

No more digging in Brandon’s drawer to find it.

No more squeezing from the middle.

Now this will be a long, happy marriage.


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