Our new hay field

by Katie on June 30, 2009

I finally mowed the front yard a couple days before leaving for Texas (the second time). A baler would have been more appropriate.

It was already approaching the needing-to-be-mowed stage, then it got irrigated twice before Brandon and I left for the weekend. We already had some irrigation water scheduled, and the neighbor ended up with some extra water he let us have.

Then the yard was still too wet and muddy to mow before our Texas road trip. So we left it.

When we returned last Monday evening, both of us dropped our jaws at what we saw. And then we were so busy with farming duties I couldn’t get to it for a couple days after that. I just about had to walk out of our house with my eyes closed.

When I finally did get to mowing, it took a full two hours. It usually only takes one. This was the difference:
I found out later the reason our yard got so tall so fast is because half of it is giant bermuda, rather than the common bermuda in most yards.

Brandon first planted the yard in the common bermuda, but he had giant bermuda growing behind the barn. When he irrigated after cutting the giant bermuda, a lot of the clippings traveled downstream. Therefore, we now have a bermuda mix in our yard.

We were pretty embarrassed about the whole situation. We take a lot of pride in how things look around the house, so we weren’t happy we let our grass grow to eight inches. But I’m just thankful we have a green yard to mow again.


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