I told you so

by Katie on June 5, 2009

Right before our Alaska vacation, we flood irrigated our yard for the first time since last fall. The whole day while Brandon was watching the water, he kept saying, “We’ll have to watch for scorpions tonight. They’re going to be out looking for dry places after we wash them out of the yard today.”

And, “Be sure you watch for scorpions. I’m telling you, we’re going to find some tonight.”
And, “We really need to go scorpion hunting the next few days. We’ll kill ’em. They’re goint to be out after this.”
After four hours of repeating statements like this, I clearly understood he knew we would be finding scorpions that night. 
Sure enough, we went out with our blacklight that night and killed three of them around the house. 
So for the rest of the night? 
“I told you. I knew we would find them tonight.”
“What did I tell you? I knew there would be scorpions out tonight.”
“Oh, I told you there would be scorpions. I just knew we would find them. Remember? Remember me telling you?” 
After a couple hours of this, combined with the constant predictions all day long, I was becoming mildly annoyed. 
I finally replied, “Brandon, really. I get it. We found scorpions and you knew they were coming. You told me all day long they were coming. What do I need to do? Tell you you’re the Master Scorpion Hunter who knows their every move?”
He said, “I couldn’t have said it better myself.”

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