Human garbage disposal

by Katie on June 4, 2009

Last night, there was just a tiny bit of the spilled milk left in a pitcher in the fridge, and I had bought a fresh jug, so I threw in a little chocolate milk mix (the milk by itself was a little exposed to other fridge odors and didn’t taste so great anymore) and planned to finish it. 

After I drank half the glass, I got busy cutting up some elk meat into fajita strips for the dinner we’re serving to friends tonight. 
When Brandon came by to help (after his evening roam through Craigslist), he asked what was in the glass. 
I said, “Chocolate milk. Finish it off.”
He asked if it were warm. 
“Warm? No, I wouldn’t say warm…” (with my fingers crossed) “Just not out-of-the-fridge cold anymore.”
So he downed the glass.
As he set it in the sink, he said “I’m just your human garbage disposal.”
Well, if the shoe fits…

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