Happy birthday, Stetson Burk!

by Katie on June 9, 2009

Wow, 16 years old…

Talk about a kid who can light up your day. Amazingly enough,
he’s the only person I know who has never called me by my
sister’s name.

And that bouttonniere he’s wearing? He skipped out on his own
8th grade graduation party to help my mom order them. In fact,
if it weren’t for him, no one in the wedding would have worn
them that day. The girls and I left them in the fridge 20 miles
from the church. When I realized this, I said Oh well, looks like
the boys won’t be wearing them.

But then we decided we had to get them for Stetson – he’d been
waiting two months to wear his tux and his flower, so we
certainly didn’t want to disappoint him.

Happy, happy birthday, Stetson. And thanks for all the smiles,

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