A weekend in West Texas

by Katie on June 24, 2009

In lieu of Father’s Day, my birthday, and the last three-day break Brandon will have until January, we had the bright idea to drive to West Texas and meet my parents at their new deer lease over the weekend.
Something we will never do again. The driving part, anyway. It ended up being a 900 mile trip. One way.
They make modern conveniences like Google Maps, MapQuest, etc., for a reason. Brandon never checked it. I pulled up Google Maps once, but I only look at the travel time, not the miles. And never believe the travel time, by the way. He has decided he will take over the map duties from now on.
We had several conversations during the 15 hour plus drive about “whose idea this was anyway.”
The barren expanse of West Texas almost did us in. Somewhere between El Paso and Fort Stockton while trying to find our location on the map, I said, “You never know where you are out here because there’s really nowhere to be.”
Brandon said, “Wow. That was a deep thought. I think we should get you out of the car.”
In the last year or so, I’ve started having trouble with car sickness for the first time in my life. Several hours from our destination, Brandon asked, “Hey, how come you never got car sick today?”
I replied, “I don’t know, maybe because we’re in Texas.”
Seemed logical to me.
As we approached Junction, Texas, the highway was wet and there dark clouds looming above us.
After a very long day, I was simply trying to make conversation (we had pretty well covered any important topics at this point), so I made an observation: “I think it rained here.”
Brandon: “No, the street sweepers just came through and hosed it down for us.”
Luckily for both our sanity, we were only an hour from the deer lease at that point.
We did have a great 30 hours with my family. Brandon worked with Mason on shooting his bow, and they went calling, where Mason thought a raccoon was going to eat him. We made a trip to the local swimming hole, and drove the perimeter of the new place to check things out.
We saw plenty of deer, including a couple exotics, so the 2009 hunting season looks good for the Boyer-Burk bunch.
Somehow, I only ended up with one picture for the entire weekend:
While we were driving around, a whole mess of barb wire got tangled around the axle. It took all the men under the truck to get us going again.
Just another Boyer vacation: hurry to get there, hurry to leave, at least one inconvenience while you’re there.
And a lesson for Brandon and Katie: fly to Texas.

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