To pack, or not to pack?

by Katie on May 26, 2009

This morning, as Brandon is still trying to wake up (and I’m finishing my second cup of coffee)…

Me:  “Hey, do you know if you can pack a razor in a carry-on?”
Brandon:  “Katie, you’ve already asked me this question three times. I’m going to give you the same answer I did last time. Every airline has all that stuff on their website. I would suggest looking there.”

Me:  “I did check the Alaska Airlines site. The only thing it listed on the ‘what not to pack’ page is a straight edge razor, so I still wasn’t sure. Isn’t the straight edge the kind they use at barber shops?”

“…Well, you know, it is just a disposable razor. I say I just pack it, and if they confiscate it, no big loss right? What, 50 cents?”

Brandon: “What?! We’ve had this many conversations about a disposable razor? Are you kidding me? Over 50 cents. Katie…”


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