This is the man I agreed to marry

by Katie on May 16, 2009

Brandon overcame his recent aversion to spaghetti, and more than willingly ate it for lunch yesterday when he came in starving and it was the only thing readily available. 
Of course, I still had half my plate left when he took his last bite. 
I heard him sort of chuckling to himself, and when I looked over, he was licking his fingers (yes, he is 28) with a huge grin on his face. I asked what in the world was going on, and he held up this hand:
And said, “Blog that, Baby.”
So I did. 
Notice how the tips of the fingers are shiny clean and the rest of the hand is solid black.
He said, “These are working hands. Everyone who works has hands like this.”
Me: “Yeah, but some people wash them before sticking them in their mouths, too.”

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