The first failure

by Katie on May 12, 2009

It finally happened. It took almost a year, and it was even from a recipe. Not a Katie Surprise. And in a crockpot of all things!
But it was awful. It looked bad, smelled bad and definitely tasted bad. 
Yes, last night’s supper was a complete and utter failure. From the moment I dished it up, I was dreading taking that first bite. With good reason, turns out. 
I waited until Brandon tried it first. He took three huge bites (probably trying to stuff as much in his mouth at once, to limit the pain to only a few big swallows). So, I mustered up the courage to take one tiny bite. And promptly declared I would not be eating any more of it. Brandon dropped his fork upon hearing that. 
He said, “I would have kept eating it if you were going to, but if you’re throwing yours out, mine’s going with it.” 
Good thing we had leftover twice-baked potatoes from the weekend. As soon as we finished those off, I walked outside with the crockpot and poured the whole thing out for Wilbur and Dixie. 
I was not happy for the rest of the night. First, you have the time it took to put it all together. Then, there’s all the wasted food. And on top of that, one hour later I was hungry.
Hopefully I can redeem myself tonight. 

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