The accidental garden

by Katie on May 13, 2009

As it turns out, I’m not nearly as bad of a gardener as this story suggests. In fact, I can grow quite the onion crop. Just not when I actually try to. 
A couple months ago, I threw out a bunch of onions that were finally going bad on us (we’d had them since last summer). Before that, I had thrown out some rotten apples. 
The hole in the corner of our yard had been a good place for the apples, so I dumped the onions there too. 
Now, this is what we have on our hands: 
And I’m thinking I should have just tried onions to begin with. They just sprouted up without us doing a thing, and the dogs haven’t bothered them a bit. I noticed them a couple weeks ago, but I didn’t mention anything to Brandon. He found them over the weekend. 
He came in and asked if I was aware we had a bunch of onions sprouting in our yard. 
As he was headed back out, he added, “Oh, and the next time you want to grow a million onions? How about we try somewhere other than the drain for our yard? I just hope we don’t have apple trees growing in there soon.”
Anyone interested in a few onion bulbs to plant?

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