Signs of adulthood: Anniversaries

by Katie on May 4, 2009

We’re almost there. Just one month and a few days before the big “anniversary”. 
I was never one of those girls who thought you had those when you were dating someone. To me, anniversaries only applied to those who were married. So, this is the first one I will be celebrating. Which makes me feel rather grown up.  
A few days ago, I asked Brandon, “Can you believe that in just one month we’ll have been married for a whole year? Isn’t that crazy?”
Brandon: “Yeah, I know. Seems like a lot longer than that.”
Me: “Actually, no. That’s not where I was going with that. I was thinking it had gone by fast…It really seems like a long time to you?”
Brandon, with his I’m-saying-this-to-make-you-happy face: “Umm…no…of course not…” 
Apparently we have different perspectives on our first year of marriage.
We did both agree that it felt like it had been pretty easy. Easier than we expected, anyway. Which leaves you wondering if we had bad expectations, or were just realistic enough to not have them too high?
Either way, we were feeling pretty good about the fact neither of us thought this first year had been difficult. 
Then I asked, “But don’t they say that most marital issues revolve around money and kids?”
Brandon replied, “Yeah, I think so. And we don’t have either one of those to be fighting over.”
So maybe we’re still in the “calm before the storm” stage? We’re hoping it stays this easy though. 
As we approach that milestone first anniversary, I was wondering…How long do you have to be married to ditch the “newlywed” title? Are we already past that? Is it at the 12-month mark? Or later? 

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