Recycling casseroles

by Katie on May 6, 2009

I’ve wanted to start making a weekly meal plan for a while now. I like knowing what’s for dinner, and being more prepared so I don’t have to use the microwave defroster or plan on something all day to find out at 7pm I don’t have one ingredient I really need. 
Another good reason for the meal plan is to keep ingredients fresh. With only two people to feed, we end up eating nearly-ready-to-be-thrown-out produce all the time, mainly because I buy too many vegetables, forgetting that if we cooked every night our fridge would be stuffed with leftovers. Sometimes, I have to throw out a potato or only use half the head of cabbage, and it kills me to do so. 
This week, I am determined. It is on my schedule for today: Make meal plan and grocery list. Wednesdays are going to be designated meal planning days because Thursdays are going to be designated grocery shopping days. Starting this week. 
Brandon and I were both working at home yesterday afternoon, but he was on his computer in the dining room, so I sent him a Gchat to remind him about today’s meal planning so he could send any requests.  Yes, we were only 30 feet from each other, but what’s the convenience of technology if you don’t utilize it?
He sent his one request for the week:  fried game meat (his favorite), served with mashed potatoes and gravy. 
Then, he wrote: “No more Katie surpises. You made a 2nd generation Katie surprise by turning a first generation Katie surprise into a new Katie suprise. Dangerous. Let’s stick with the first generation Katie surprises.”
You see, for lunch yesterday, I took a casserole I made last week (I actually had a recipe for this one, so he was wrong about it being a Katie Surprise), threw it in a skillet with a chopped up leftover baked potato, some barbeque sauce, topped it with cheese, and poured it between two layers of biscuits in another casserole dish. I thought it was a creative way to get rid of the one serving of casserole left no one wanted to eat.
When we started eating, Brandon said, “This is good. What all did you put in here?”
“Um, you really don’t want to know. If you like it, just keep eating.”
“No, I really do want to know. What is it?”
“You remember that casserole from last week? It’s in there. With a potato, barbeque sauce and cheese.”
“What casserole was it?”
“You know, the one with the beef, rice, cornflakes, you liked it…” [I realize it doesn’t sound appetizing, but it really was good, and he really did like it. We’re way past the pretend-it’s-good-and-choke-it-down phase.]
“Oh. Yeah, I didn’t want to know.”
And then, after eating in silence for a few moments, he said, “So, you took a leftover casserole, and made another casserole with it?” 
“Yeah, pretty much.”
“I think my favorite part is the biscuit now.”

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