Oh, those lonely summer nights

by Katie on May 3, 2009

A couple days ago, Brandon sat down with his dad and a calendar, and mapped out the Leister Farms and Rocker 7 Farms hay harvesting schedules for the summer. 

The result of the schedule can be summed up in one sentence:  Katie will be sleeping alone for many, many nights this summer. 
Which also translates into:  Katie will be sleeping with a shotgun in her hand. 
Now, this would be perfectly fine in another climate, where hay season only lasts a few months. But when “summer” is April to October? I just thought we had a long one in Texas. 
Another thing that makes it different than Texas:  There, we practically have to wait until midday to bale any hay, because there’s too much moisture until then. Here? You bale hay in the middle of the night because it’s the only time there is any moisture. 
Today, my little basketball team had a pizza and pool party. One of the parents asked, “Hey, did anyone else notice that tiny bit of moisture in the air yesterday. Anyone? I felt it.” I was thinking these people would drown in the air where I’m from. 
Anyway, at this point I am fully convinced I will be spending my first anniversary cuddled up with a bottle of wine. Or maybe riding on the armrest of a tractor seat, which is comfortable for about 32 seconds. Now I’m just trying to decide which option is most appealing. 
I am hoping Brandon’s night irrigating and hay harvesting schedule will help me overcome some of my fears of the dark and being alone in our house at night. I’m sure my parents hoped I would overcome my fear of the dark by age 16, but that didn’t happen. 
When I started driving, my dad had to install a flood light to keep me from pulling up to the house and laying on the horn until someone turned on a light for me. When Brandon realized how serious my fear of the dark was, he just gave me a shotgun.   
Hopefully, I will have a little company later this summer. Mason plans to spend the whole month of July with us, so unless he’s going to be on the hay harvesting crew every night, I might have a new protector in my house for a while. And he did make me feel pretty good last night when we were talking about his visit. 
Mason has always been the “mama’s boy” in our family, and now that he’s a teenager, it’s especially fun to tease him about that. So, last night I told him, “Now Mason, are you sure about this? This means three whole weeks without your mommy.” 
He said, “Yeah, but I’ll have my sister.”
[But he’ll probably think differently when he finds out I wrote that.]
Then he said, “As long as you feed me, anyway. Like the last time I was there. Not like the first time I came and you starved me.”
Me: “Mason, there was plenty to eat.”
Mason, at 10pm Texas time: “Katie, don’t you know? I eat like 24-7. I’m even eating a Fruit Roll-Up right now.” 
So looks like I’ll be stocking up on groceries before then.
Brandon is excited about the free labor. Not so much about having a 14-year-old hell-on-wheels trouble-making boy in our care for an entire month. 
Me? I’m just hoping one of my boys will be at home for a night or two. 

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