Oh, happy day

by Katie on May 27, 2009

When I agreed to let Brandon remove me from my lush, water-logged swamp into the dry, barren desert, I had one demand request: a green yard.

That’s how I became the designated mower at our house too. He said he would grow the green grass if I would cut it (he’s allergic).

Last summer, we did have a green yard. The neighbors let us borrow some water every time they irrigated their lawn. Our yard isn’t exactly set up to receive irrigation water – we need a pipeline from the back of our five acres to the front yard. And that project has been in progress for well over two years now.

Just last weekend, we created a workaround for the huge pipeline project, and dug our own little ditch leading to the yard. The very next day, we ordered irrigation water for our yellow grass and trees with fried leaves.

Wilbur enjoyed the flooded yard just as much as I did. Every time we’ve used the sprinkler so far, he has camped out over it with the water spraying his belly. So, I think we’ve done just as much watering our dog this spring as our yard.

Here, he found a gopher attempting to escape the flood water. These little things are actually quite vicious. Brandon says, “Ounce for ounce, they’re brave suckers.”

And here, Wilbur learned a little something about gophers:

So, when we return from Alaska, we will have green grass. That will need to be mowed.


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