Crying over spilled milk

by Katie on May 22, 2009

I took a little trip to the grocery store this afternoon. It was one of those milk, eggs, bread maintenance trips. 

With the luxury of a flexible work schedule, I always try to run errands like this in the middle of the day while most of working America is occupied. Usually, I reserve Thursday afternoons for bank and grocery trips. This week, I waited until Friday and ended up in the store at the worst possible time. 
Turns out the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, which corresponds with the last school day, and apparently an early release, is not a pleasant day for a quick grocery run. The place was packed. With loose children running around shouting, “No more schoo-ool, no more schoo-ool!” Seriously. I passed a brother-sister duo singing that song in the cereal aisle. 
After that fiasco, I got a little distracted with the radio on the way home. Anyone who has ever ridden in a vehicle with me will not be surprised at all. I think it was Sugarland’s “Baby Girl”. Volume up, singing out loud, dancing around with the upper half of my body – yeah, I’m one of those people you pass on the road. 
Well, with all of the unsuspected early traffic that day, the only stop sign between my house and the store was backed up for half a mile. No exaggeration there. The car in front of me had dim brake lights. 
By the time I snapped out of song-and-dance-mode and realized the line of cars in front of me was at a full stop, I had to throw on the brakes – hard. In that process, I nearly killed my truck (full force brakes in a standard, a little late on the clutch, it happens) and all my groceries went flying into the floorboard. 
I didn’t want to look at first. When I did, I saw a little milk oozing out of the tipped-over gallon jug on the floor. And I wanted to cry. I just knew all my eggs were broken, and I was fearful that the force of hitting the dashboard had been too much for a bottle or two of Shiner Bock. 
My first thoughts? Wow, the milk was two bucks, another two for the eggs, six total for the Shiner Bock (which I thought was a good deal)…my little 75 seconds of ridiculously awful singing was adding up quickly. Again, I thought about crying. Just a little. 
When I got home, I gently removed all the grocery bags from on top of the milk jug. All six Shiner Bock bottles escaped unscathed, and miraculously, ten eggs survived as well. The milk ended up not being a complete waste either. There was still about 75% left in the jug, and I was able to pour all of it into a pitcher. 
The biggest disappointment ended up being the orange cupcakes. Every time I go to the store, I bring home a package of Hostess organge cupcakes for Brandon. I think they are his absolute favorite thing to eat. I always scan the rack to find the most perfect-looking pair. A lot of them have a dented plastic container, or icing with cracks in it. Well, now his once-perfect cupcake container is dented, and the icing is definitely no longer smooth. 
I didn’t have too big of a mess to clean up afterward. I left my truck door open for Wilbur and Dixie to clean up the milk on the floorboard (thank goodness I don’t have carpet), and the eggs just got a little bit of goo on the tortilla wrapper. 
So, I didn’t have to cry over the spilled milk after all. But I do think it’s time to take a good look at my sing-along habits while driving.  

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