Welcome to home ownership

by Katie on April 8, 2009

Today, we had to get the air conditioner worked on. 
We found out it wouldn’t come on the night of our Spring Break fish fry, when we had 30 people in and out of our house, and wanted to use it for the first time in two months. Yesterday brought the first temperatures above 90 degrees for the year, and I called Brandon to let him know that I was okay for that day, that one day, but we better do something — quick. 
I did not want to get any closer to summer with an unreliable air conditioner. Even though ours was working last year, I spent my days in the office in front of a box fan, no lights on anywhere in the house, and would only cook at 4am, to avoid letting heat travel through the house at any other time of day. 
[Now, this was partly due to the fact that I am too cheap to put the thermostat below a certain temperature, but also because when it’s 120 degrees outside, there’s only so much cooling a little air conditioner can do.]
So, one of our softball playing buddies, Johnny Kerr, who also owns an A/C repair company, came over this morning and had it going in 15 minutes. And I can now rest easy awaiting the dreadful temperatures Arizona summers bring. 
I’m proud of our home, and Brandon has done a lot of work, inside and out, to make it a nice place to live. And it is. Things just have a tendency to fall apart, rust up, or just not work quite right.
Everyone has heard all about our shower troubles and rusty well water. Many know the tale of our busted water line in January and roof shingles that need to be replaced every time the wind blows (which, in the desert, is every day).
After my parents had experienced no water, cold water, and electrical shock water at our house, and Mason had to use the plunger five times, I was really hoping we wouldn’t have any more household tragedies while they were here. 
But, the night my dad made us all some Texas-sized steaks, he needed a pan for another dish. When I went to retrieve one, the cabinet door was left dangling from one hinge.
“Oh yeah, that’s broke too,” I muttered.
But my dad said, “Baby, welcome to home ownership.”
“Something is always broke. It doesn’t matter how old or how new it is. If it weren’t that cabinet right there, it’d be something else. Just be glad you don’t have bigger problems today.”
And he’s right. 
So for now, I will be satisfied our air conditioner is in working order.
…And wait for the roof to start leaking after the first summer monsoon.

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