This is not the Cleaver household

by Katie on April 16, 2009

Apparently, some clarifications need to be made about our lifestyle. There have been mentions in several different posts about me cleaning, making dinner, baking cupcakes, etc. 
It has been mentioned to me that some are getting the impression we have reverted back to the 50s, and these things are expected in our home. Au contraire.  
In all fairness, I offered to make the cupcakes, I just didn’t think he would take me up on it. So I took ten minutes to get them ready, stuck them in the oven, went back to work for half an hour, then repeated that process. Very minimal effort that hardly interrupted my day. 
Baking is a new thing for me (and mostly still from a box), but something I have taken up because it makes Brandon happy, not because it is in any way expected of me. If it were “expected”, I guarantee you I would not do it. That’s how I operate. Brandon will be the first person to verify that statement. 
I am also not expected to take up the brunt of the housework. But, when you’re building a business (which we both own), there are some things that have to be delegated. And when one person occupies the location where those things are done all day long, it’s pretty easy for us to determine who they fall upon. Therefore, I do clean, but I also take care of the other things that take place in my work space, like paying the bills and keeping the books in order, feeding the cows we have here, and irrigating the field in front of our house (now that we have ports there). 
Unless I wanted to eat at 10pm every night, dinner duty falls on me as well – by default. I’m already here. When we lived in Texas and Brandon was just a school boy, not a farmer, we shared this chore quite equally, and often prepared it together. Dishwashing worked the same way – I washed, he rinsed – every evening. And he does not demand dinner, with the exception of specific “bad day” cases, which is what most of us feel like when we’ve had a crummy day.
Most of the time we only really make dinner once or twice a week anyway, then eat leftovers for the remainder. There’s only so much food two people can consume in one evening, and since we’re definitely not picky, it works for us. And saves electricity.
Likewise, Brandon usually takes care of the household duties that are done at his location. He fills our water bottles and dumps our trash at his parents’, because he’s there nearly every morning to pick up equipment, and every evening to feed cows. 
Brandon says all the time how he has been “pleasantly surprised” and is “very appreciative” and certainly “does not expect” the things I do in our home. For us, it just makes sense. 
Since I work from home and get started early in the mornings, I have plenty of time to do things around the house during the day as well. 
So I’m not June Cleaver. I’m just pulling my weight. 

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