Signs of adulthood: feeling like a little old lady

by Katie on April 6, 2009

To begin, let me preface with the fact that I know I am not “old” by any definition of the word. Which is why the current physical state of my body is so disturbing. 

I would classify my lifestyle as “active”. Now, I don’t run nearly as much as I should, but I get a good 1.5 miles in every now and then – usually 3 or so times a week for one to two weeks, then a two month hiatus, until I feel a little sluggish, and the cycle repeats. 
Even on my hiatus, I get out and about outdoors, trudge up ditch banks, chase Brandon across mountains on hiking hunts (no one can keep up with him), play sports with friends when the opportunity presents itself, etc. 
And I’ve always been fairly pleased with the semi-limber range of motion I still have, and the lack of an effect the infamous “college years” had on me. 
But today, I feel like a little old lady. 
With stiff, aching muscles. 
Last night, during our co-ed softball game (we have a 3-1 record, by the way), I think I half-pulled a muscle in my upper thigh. 
It had been giving me trouble on the last few 1.5 mile runs I’ve made, and has been a little stiff and sore since our first round of softball games. Before the game yesterday, I attempted to stretch it out well enough, but to no avail. By the start of the first inning in our second game, I was half-running, half-limping to my outfield position. By the last inning in our second game, I was just about holding back tears in my part-trot, a lot-more-limp to the dugout. 
It felt a little better after a hot soak last night, but was back with a vengeance this morning. My leg is even a little puffy on top of the sore muscle. 
If my half-pulled leg muscle weren’t bad enough, I also woke up with an achy back. I didn’t even lift any heavy objects yesterday, which has me really concerned about this sign of adulthood. The center of my back, right between my shoulder blades, has sharp pains with every move. Sitting up straight is out of the question. So is looking at my toes. And trying to put my hair in a ponytail? Forget it. 
I really never thought I would know this “little old lady” feeling so soon. The first half of my 23rd year aged me more than 18 to 22. Or maybe this is all just a sign to add more of those 1.5 mile runs to my schedule? After I recover, that is…
To top it off, I have a tiny bruise right below my belly button, which I didn’t even know was possible. When trying to exit the dugout yesterday, I mistakenly opened the gate the wrong direction, and caught the metal handle right in the gut. 
Ahhh, growing up. Who knew it could be filled with such…pain.
Oh, and Brandon found another scorpion on his hunt last night, which he killed with the trusty pipe wrench. He thinks it was one of the two we missed last Thursday. So we now have a total of seven scorpion sightings, six that met their fate with either a pipe wrench or a coffee mug, in four days.  

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