Resuming the cheese conversation

by Katie on April 7, 2009

Last week, as Brandon was digging through the meat and cheese drawer in the fridge, he asked, “Hey, what do we have this block cheese for?”

“For those pig-in-the-blankets you like for breakfast.”
“Oh. When did we get it?”
“Um, you picked it out. Just two weeks ago. On one of the two grocery shopping trips you’ve been on since we got married. How do you not remember that? You spent five minutes in the block cheese section examining the per-ounce prices until you found one close enough to the sliced cheese per-ounce price that I would buy it.”
“Oh. But didn’t we just have a conversation about how we weren’t going to buy this cheese?”
“Sure did. Glad you remember that now.”
“So why did we buy it, then?”
“Because it’s what you wanted, Dear.”
“I think I’ll have some now.”

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