An empty glass

by Katie on April 21, 2009

This has nothing to do with an old country song or a lack of optimism. It has everything to do with marriage. 

Sharing. You would think someone who grew up in a family of four kids would have a very good sense of this word. And I do. When it comes to sharing my room, my socks, the covers, books, etc. Not so much when it comes to food. 
But I don’t think you really learn how to share food in a large family. Mealtime at our house always meant you better put everything you even think you might want on your plate the first time, because there might not be a second round. Dinner was all about survival of the fittest, and no one wanted to be last in line. 
Brandon is much better about sharing food. He also happens to be much better at sharing drinking glasses. In fact, he prefers to share beverages. 
Brandon’s standard response when asked if he needs a drink to go with his meal? 
“No thanks, I’ll just have some of yours.”
Or, if we’re at his parents: “No, I’ll just drink out of Katie’s.”
And every time, I sigh, or make a face. Because I don’t want to share. 
If he did the dishes, I might understand. But I don’t mind washing an extra glass after each meal if it means I get to have my own. 
I also might not be so opposed to the idea of sharing my glass if we owned gallon-sized ones. That way, I might actually get some of my drink. Currently, I average one sip out of my glass at each meal before Brandon finishes it off in one big gulp. 
Last night, I had my plate and glass on the table. Brandon sat down with his food. No glass. 
Me [thinking I could give a subtle hint]: “You don’t want to bring anything to drink?”
Brandon [looking at me strangely]: “You already have water here.”
As if it would be absolutely absurd to have two glasses on the table! 
Not three minutes after we sat down for dinner, my water glass was already empty, and I hadn’t even touched it. 
I’m thinking they should add this in the marriage vows. Something like, “…to love and to cherish, to share drinking glasses, as long as we both shall live.” 

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