A tale of two forks

by Katie on April 4, 2009

Brandon likes this story, and has been slowly embarrassing me in front of our friends and family by telling it to each of them, so I just thought I would speed the process some and get it behind me. 
We have two types of forks in our house, as I’m sure most people do. One of them as long, skinny prongs (left). The other one has short, fat ones (right). 
I always use the shorter fork, but Brandon prefers the long one. A few weeks ago, he set the table for dinner, and grabbed two of the big forks. 
All through dinner, I kept stabbing myself every time I would try to take a bite. 
Brandon: “What’s wrong with you? Why do you keep doing that?”
Me: “I don’t know…but it hurts.”
Then I glance down, and realize I’ve been using the wrong fork. 
Me: “Ooohh, I know what it is. I usually use the small forks. You gave me a big one.”
Brandon: “What? Seriously? You can’t just compensate for that when you bite? …Now this is blogworthy.”

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