Turns out I need another muffin pan. And a cooling rack.

by Katie on March 6, 2009

Brandon, 9am: “Do we have anything quick I can grab to eat?”
Me, thinking it’s still breakfast time: “Um, bagels, raisin bread, bananas, frozen waffles…”
Brandon: “No, I don’t mean like a snack where I will be hungry in two hours, but won’t be able to eat for four. I mean like food. Something that will tide me over for a while.”
Me: “Well in that case, you have the option of leftover beef tips or making a sandwich.”
Brandon: “Yeah, I’ll make a sandwich.”
[Leaves the house for work again]
Brandon, 10:30am, with one cookie already in his mouth, another in his hand: “Do we have anything to eat?”
Me: “Still have the beef tips. Or another sandwich. Hey, didn’t you just leave here with food?”
Brandon: “Yeah, but I’m hungry again. Not for real food this time, though. What do we have that’s sweet?”
Me: “Ice cream, we could make cinnamon rolls, … I have a cake mix. I could make a cake.” [not really thinking he was going to go for this – he was in a hurry, right?]
Brandon: “Oooh, yeah, make a cake. That would taste good.”
Me: “But aren’t you leaving now?”
Brandon: “Well, yeah, but I’ll be back.”
So I get out the cake mix – maybe we’ll have a little treat tonight (after I feed him leftover beef tips and rice for the third night in a row). Then I get the idea to call and see if he would rather have cupcakes.
Brandon: “Yeah, make cupcakes.”
So, I get out the muffin pan, and fill it with the paper cups. But then I read on the box that I’m going to have 24 cupcakes. I only have a 12-cupcake pan. I remember having this problem before, when I made my pumpkin-shaped cupcakes at Halloween, and how I meant to get another pan after that. I didn’t.
The first batch goes in, and 21 minutes later, they’re perfect, and it’s time for the second round. But I have to take the first ones out of the pan (even though the box says to let them cool for 10 minutes in the pan). That’s when I realize I also have not bought a cooling rack yet, which I really could have used when I made 50 Valentine cookies last month.
But this worked just fine:

(After I determined the back left burner lets all the oven heat through.)
When Brandon got in from work and saw the spread of iced cupcakes in the kitchen he said, “Oooh, these are going to be great. I can just run in and grab a couple so easy. That’s the first thing I thought when you asked if I would rather have cupcakes. Great idea.”
He makes it sound like they’re going to last longer than 48 hours. I made some brownies recently, with butterscotch chips, and they were around for a whopping 24 hours. I ate two. And a half.
Update: Using the stove as a cupcake cooling rack does NOT work just fine. It leaves some sort of residue on the burners that makes the smoke alarm go off if you try to boil water for tea the next morning.

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