Signs of spring

by Katie on March 3, 2009

I have been begging Mother Nature for spring to “really” be here for weeks now. I know, I’m in the middle of the desert, how can I complain about “cool” weather?

Especially after Brandon’s uncle sent this picture of their backyard in Maryland Monday morning:It’s really more of the 50 degree temperature change throughout the day I could do without. Sweatshirt in the morning, shorts by noon, bundle back up at night. Come on, Spring, make up your mind – in or out?

Anyway, since I am learning about the desert weather patterns, Brandon keeps telling me we’re still in for one more cold spell – and we aren’t free from the threat until Easter. I probably asked him every day in the month of February if I could make my closet switch yet – to move the winter coats out and all the summer dresses in. And every time I asked, I would get the same response, “I sure wouldn’t. It’s still likely we’ll get another freeze. Better wait ’til Easter.”

Well, I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I took the liberty of defying Mother Nature and switching out the items in my closet over the weekend. I’ve also worn flip flops nearly every day, and broken out a few summer dresses, just to further make my point that spring has arrived – because I say so. How do you have two consecutive weeks of temperatures over 85 degrees, and not classify that as Spring?

I fully expect Mother Nature to bring a freeze down upon me any day now – probably when I am stranded outside in a summer dress and flip flops. Just so Brandon can say, “Told ya so.”

But I am not the only one ready for spring, or thinking it’s already here. We have little signs everywhere.

Our yard is about half green already, especially when you count all the weeds.[For you folks in Texas: our grass goes dormant and stays yellow all winter long. When my mom saw a recent picture taken at my house she said, “Is that your house? What happened to your yard? Where did your grass go?” This is completely normal, and one of the reasons I am itching for spring.]

Half of the little fruit trees in our front yard have already bloomed and are now donning green leaves.
We have a couple bougainvilleas sprouting up from where we trimmed them down to a stub for the winter.

And we’re only waiting on one last calf (from my cow, of course), after the arrival of this newest addition last week:
Time to start irrigating! Wow, last summer I definitely would not have been excited to hear those words. Not after dragging five gallon buckets of water all over the yard every few days to water the 25 trees Brandon planted, and additional bougainvilleas and bird of paradise that line our fence and front porch. But right now I can’t wait.

The inside of the house, however, is a different story.
I had to throw out the last of my Valentine flowers over the weekend.


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