Preparing for the Boyers: Part 2

by Katie on March 14, 2009

It’s almost D-Day. In just 24 hours, we are expecting the “invasion” or “raid” as Brandon has (lovingly) coined my family’s visit. 

We haven’t gotten nearly as much done as we wanted around here, but at this point, what do you do? 
My Friday evening was spent pulling weeds and mowing (which I was excited about, since it means we finally have grass growing), and today I have to go grocery shopping and clean up around the house. 
Brandon cleaned “the hunting room” last night. This is the spare bedroom, converted into a camping/hunting gear storage facility, where Mason will be sleeping. He’s also going to try to find an hour to connect the washer and dryer early Sunday morning. Our laundry is beginning to consume our closet again, and he’s out of socks (which means he’s wearing mine). He also has the lofty goal of fixing the roof shingles that have blown off during wind storms and buying a new hot water heater (that’s another story) – all by the time my folks arrive. I’m not as optimistic. 
We have quite a few fun things planned, along with a daily meal schedule (part of my obsession with planning things – but hey, I had to make a grocery list). We’re going to the Dodgers vs. Cubs spring training game, going jeeping in the desert, having a fish fry and a shrimp boil, and try to take them up north near Flagstaff to see the snow that fell yesterday. 
I am fairly certain that until the four inches fell in Anahuac last December, Mason had never seen snow. Brandon looked at me like we were crazy people when I told him this, and I was all, “Hey, we live in the swamp. You have to travel a long way to get to snow.” Not to mention the fact that my mom is deathly afraid of icy roads – does not make for a pleasant vacation. We tried it once before the boys were around.  
Our plans for the week will not be something my dad categorizes as a “vacation”. His idea of a vacation is finding a quiet place to nap, not traipsing across the west. But he’ll be a good sport. 
We really couldn’t be more excited about their visit, and getting to show them more of Arizona. 
So, we pretty well have daily activities planned out, a meal schedule, and a grocery list. After the hot water heater installation and washer/dryer connection tomorrow morning, we can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the calm before the storm. 

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