Praise God for … shrimp

by Katie on March 9, 2009

My dad called this morning to let me know he was planning to buy some shrimp from the Texas Gulf Coast before they head west, to boil for all of us desert dwellers while they are here. 
I let Brandon know the good news as he was digging around in the fridge looking for breakfast. 
He immediately froze, looked up at the ceiling, and said, “God? Is that you? I knew you loved me!”
Needless to say, he’s a little excited about the fresh, Texas-sized shrimp headed our way. They are one of his favorite foods. My dad knows this very well, and has prepared them on more than one of our trips to Texas. 
They are also bringing: 
  • Taso, Cajun goodness from a recent business trip my dad made to Louisiana
  • Morgan’s Red Rider BB gun, so I can get after the pigeons that sit in the screened area next to our office and coo all morning while I try to work
  • My dad’s knew flat-top grill he claims makes “a steak he would put up next to Ruth Chris any day of the week”
  • Some beef jerky Dad and Mason made a couple weeks ago (if Mason hasn’t eaten it all)
  • Mason, who I am afraid might be attached to the roof after my parents attempt to drive 20 hours with him
We’re getting excited! 

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