No, we still do not have a washing machine

by Katie on March 26, 2009

My dear sister-in-law Amanda just returned from Brazil a few days ago, and was catching up on a few posts she missed, including all of our preparations for my family’s visit.

Amanda: “Did he really get the washer and dryer and set up? I’ll be sooooo impressed…”
Me: “No. It’s going to happen ‘this week’.”
We didn’t have time to get any laundry done before my parents arrived, then we racked up more while they were here, including using every bath towel we own, so it’s pretty overwhelming at this point. It would take more than 24 hours to finish it all one load at a time. Which would be fine if I could do it at home, and work between changes. Not so fine when I have to go camp out somewhere else. 
So, we kind of have a laundry strike going on right now. You literally have to step over a pile of clothes and towels to enter our closet, and just this morning Brandon put on his last pair of socks. I’m fairly confident I could win this battle, because: 
  1. I have a lot more underwear 
  2. I can wear flip flops, he has to wear boots
And, while he might not mind wearing my socks for a few days (it’s happened before), he probably will mind reusing my dad’s bath towel. 
I’d say the odds are in my favor. 

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