Hoping my mom doesn’t read this in the next four days…

by Katie on March 10, 2009

Brandon and I were crowded around the computer last night, catching up on Yahoo!Finance articles and solving the world’s economic troubles, when in mid-sentence he says, “Katie, I’m going to leave for a minute, but you just keep looking this way. Don’t turn around. Just keep reading or something. But DON’T turn around.”

My immediate reaction: “What is it, a scorpion?”

Sure enough, as soon as he gets up, I turn around. Halfway up the back wall of the office above our chest freezer is a very large scorpion.

But what does he walk in with to catch the scorpion? A wine glass. My wine glass. He doesn’t drink wine – why should he care, right? No sense in using one of the old plastic cups from football games he uses, or a red plastic cup we could throw away. The mild fit I threw about this did not work, and the scorpion was caught in the glass. 
We tried to take a picture of the scorpion to share with everyone, but it wasn’t working very well in the glass. 
Brandon says, “Let’s get him in something else where we can see him.”
Then he just turns the glass over! Expecting the scorpion to sit on the counter! 
Which, of course, it doesn’t, and is soon scurrying across the kitchen floor, once again loose in our house. Brandon manages to trap him again – in the wine glass. The rest of the scorpion story can be viewed in the video below: 

If my mom sees this post before she gets on the road this weekend, she quite possibly might rethink her trip. If she does make it here, I guarantee you she will:
  • Throw the covers back before she gets in bed every night and shake out her shoes each morning
  • Ask for a stemmed wine glass
  • Not eat cereal, even though it’s her favorite breakfast food
Well, I have some dishes to disinfect. And a scorpion still sitting on the kitchen counter. (Brandon likes to keep them around for some reason.)  

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