Happy birthday, Lindsey Gail

by Katie on March 26, 2009

One of my oldest and dearest friends turns 24 today! 

I’ve been best friends with this girl since the 8th grade, but we’re only two-thirds of our best friend trio: 

And, we kind of have a funny story. You see, Nicki (tall girl on the right) and I have been best friends since 7th grade, and in middle school everyone has their own lunch table, right? Another friend of ours brought Lindsey to our lunch table one day – but where did she sit? MY seat. So for a couple of weeks we were NOT friends – because she stole my seat at the lunch table. 
Luckily for both of us, I got over it (or she found a new seat, I don’t really remember how it worked out), and life has been great ever since. 
A few fun facts about Lindsey: 
  • She was majorly obsessed with the Houston Rockets basketball team when we were growing up. So much so, that she kept a “Rockets journal” each season, and intently watched each game, scribbling notes about the highlights of each quarter, points scored, rebounds made, and fouls acquired by each player. 
  • She always had some sort of celebrity crush, like Bryce Drew who played for the Rockets (or more appropriately, sat the bench for a season or two) and Joshua Jackson from Dawson’s Creek. 
  • She used to have to put a full heading (name, date, subject, teacher, topic, assignment) on EVERY piece of paper at school – even if she was just taking notes. 
  • She has the most contagious laughter I’ve ever been around. 
  • Number 22 is “her number”.
Happy birthday, Lindsey. Hope year 24 treats you well. 

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