A long time coming…

by Brandon on March 27, 2009

Well the day has finally come and I am now an official “blogger”. Let’s be clear, this is Brandon, the other half of the “Katie and Brandon” blog.

On multiple occasions I have been tempted to join in and share with the world the inner happenings of our life. To date, my lovely bride of nearly 10 months has done a fine job with the sharing. After reading the last few posts, however, it’s definitely my turn.

So we don’t have a washer and dryer, I don’t mind dirty clothes. As I like to ask Katie, “Who do I have to impress on the farm?” Exactly, dirt is “in” at the farm. We are almost out of towels, I can drip-dry.

So our hot water heater gives the occasional jolt of electricity via the shower head or faucet. I thought she asked for me to electrify her life every now and then.

So we have scorpions. Yes, welcome to the desert. Anahuac has alligators. At least scorpions can’t eat you. Did she mention her mom found two, yes 2, in our house during their stay? I bet she didn’t mention that she let the first one escape after moving it from the slippery wine glass to the easily ascended styrafoam cup. That was an exciting day and a half living with the mystery scorpion.

So I had a nasty cough and wanted some green tea. I started topping it off with whiskey, certainly that’s masculine enough for a farmer.

So we watch Desperate Housewives and Greys Anatomy. I have accepted the advice of many and set aside weekly time for a date night with my wife. I am talking serious husband points here. And let me confirm the fact that we don’t watch television, we watch it at our convenience on the internet.

And finally, the cooking. Katie is a fabulous cook. Her siblings used to tease me about how bad she was in the kitchen. I hear there is a story about burnt maccaroni and cheese. Glad she grew out of that because I have been consistently impressed. I never expected her to pamper me so much with the home cooked meals. I fully expected to share those duties as we did in College Station. It has been a pleasant surprise and I do not take it for granted.

Let me also say that the “Katie surprises” are generally positive experiences. Not so much with yesterdays lunch. We were both working in the office when Katie suggests its time for lunch and heads to the kitchen. She calls out to me asking if a leftover fish sandwich would do. Keep in mind this fish was fried exactly one week ago. No problem, I can handle it. What I bit into however, was not fish. Instead, my dear wife mistakingly used the week old fried oysters. Topped with tarter sauce and served cold between two pieces of wheat bread. What a lovely “Katie surprise.

Any bets on when I’ll get to working on that washer and dryer?


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