Running of the bull on Sunland Road

by Katie on February 12, 2009

Last week, as I was working diligently in the office early one morning, Brandon calls. No surprise here, this usually happens nearly every hour, especially on tractor-driving days. But, the message he had added a little excitement to my day.

“The neighbors called. We have a cow in their yard. Can you handle it?”

“Um… sure, I’ll give you a call if I have any problems.”

So, I take a look out the window, and sure enough…

Meet Garrett, who was occupying our neighbor Garrett’s front yard. Yes, about twenty feet from their barbecue grill, thirty from their front door, our 1200 pound bull is hanging out, introducing himself to the neighbors.

So, I park my truck across the road, get him back on our side of the fence, and eventually back in the pen with the five cows he has all to himself. What reason did he have to roam the neighborhood?

But Garrett had other plans for the day.

No more than two hours later, I glance out the office window again…

At least he stayed in our yard this time, right? And left us a nice present right in front of the porch swing.

…One of the many advantages of working from home.


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