Preparing for the Boyer’s: Part 1

by Katie on February 26, 2009

First, very happy birthday wishes to my mom today!

Now, I mentioned last week that my family is coming to visit for their Spring Break. The whole Spring Break. And we are excited. Really, we are.  

But my to-do list tendencies are starting to take over. And what’s my first step in making preparations for the iminent visit now just more than two weeks away? Making a plan to begin the planning. I know, who plans for planning? But I do. So, I have started off with a list for everything I need to plan for, and then prioritized that list, so I now have a plan – for how I am going to plan. 
So far, my plan for planning includes: 
  1. Plan daily activities, including fitting in a jeeping trip, spring training baseball game and trip to Sedona (Mom’s requests), day on the farm (Dad’s request), and trip down south, near Sonoita (Brandon’s idea). 
  2. Planning meals and groceries needed for the week
  3. Planning when/what I should clean before they arrive
  4. Planning how to find Brandon time to connect the washer and dryer so we can be self-sufficient adults by the time they arrive (Yes, we have been married for almost nine months. No, we still cannot wash clothes at our own house.)
  5. Planning what needs to be accomplished for work, and how to get it done, so I can have a lot of time off that week.
Some of the possible tension that could occur during their visit has already been releived by Calli* and Morgan dropping out of the trip. Not that I’m not disappointed about having to wait a few more months to see them, but they both have legitimate reasons, and it reduces the number of people sharing one tiny bathroom to five, rather than seven. Our master bathroom is currently labeled as “under construction”, and we’re guessing it will carry that label for another few months years. 
And two less Boyer’s in a bathroom really makes a difference. Anyone remember when all six of us shared one at the barn? Brandon still can’t beleive we had a “no-lock” rule for the family bathroom – only if you were in the shower, of course.
Maybe I should add “planning a bathroom schedule” to the list? 
*Say a little prayer for Calli. She found out she has an upper respiratory infection yesterday. And she sounds like some old lady who has been smoking for 50 years – between the hacking. Not good conditions for a major exam week. Her immune system has really taken a hit the last few years.

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